Ordering and Delivery

All of the Yours Wooly scarves are made to order to allow for personalization. 

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All scarves are hand knit in-house by me so there are a lot of flexibility in the scarf you're ordering. 
Standard size: Width: approx.12 inches in diameter when laid flat, circumference of 24 inches. This fits most people. 
  • If you require a specific size, please email me for a quote at yourswooly@gmail.com
Color: Color options are endless as long as I can find them at my local yarn store.

Personalized Message: All of the tags are custom designed by me, so you have the flexibility of including your own personalized message on the tags. The message cannot be longer than 160 characters but if it is a longer message, I can include two tags. 

Allergies:  If you have allergies, please email me directly at yourswooly@gmail.com and I can find a blend of yarn that meets your needs. Depending on the blend, prices will vary. 
  • Example: cashmere blend, merino wool, alpaca wool.  

Expected Delivery
During non-holiday season (Christmas and Valentine's Day) I can do 2 business day turnaround given I can find the yarn.  At this time, I am only taking orders for Vancouver (local pick up) or shipping in Canada. 

Estimated time: 
Vancouver - 2 full business day turnaround 
Rest of Canada - 7-10 business days for turnaround and shipping.

I love what I do, but I need to recharge
Yours Wooly is a side project for me and I work full time on a Monday to Friday basis so unfortunately at this time, I can only take a maximum of 12 orders a month. Since all scarves are personalized, it takes me a tad more time to get things just right.  The earlier you inquire about a scarf, the more time I have to make it :).

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