Monday, 3 February 2014

How I started Yours Wooly

I first learned to knit from my mom, who can really knit. She can knit basically sweaters, mittens, dolls, basically you name it she can knit it. In a way, you can say I learnt this lost art around 5 years ago. Thanks Mom! I used to knit scarves for leisure and recently I've started to pick this interest up again and I'm in love with it.

The Idea
Yours Wooly begun as a side project for my after work life and one month ago, I decided to actually make this come to life.  The name: Yours Wooly actually just came to my mind. I've always loved the usage of "Yours Truly" but it seemed generic and here I am now. The beginning of Yours Wooly. 

 A few of my close friends {W} and {V} have requested for a hand knit scarves so I've made them one and the feedback was great! Then I thought, "Hey! Maybe I could do this as a side project". I started to look up patterns online, making chunky infinity scarves and now, The Savanna.  

Supporting hand made goods
It's a shame that handmade goods are obsolete now. The only way to find these items are through etsy or craft fairs. (Props to sellers on etsy!) Nowadays, we all just value price over quality but sometimes it's nice to go back to where everything began. The days when goods were made by hand.  It's a lost art and I appreciate this art. Whether you decide to support my scarves or not, please support the hand made goods community. There are ones who are in it for the money and others (like me) who are in it because 

I love what I do. 
The Savanna - 50% wool, 50% acrylic in burgundy

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Introducing The Savanna

This is a small project that I've put together for a month and it's starting to come alive. 

Knitting has always been portrayed as the "grandma" hobby but it's actually quite calming and enjoyable so I've taken the time to start my project.

Yours Wooly. 

All of the yarn are made in Canada and since I'm in Vancouver, they are also hand knit by me. 
I try to use a higher blend of wool (not 100% because it'll be itchy on the skin). 

All of my scarves are made to order so if you have allergy concerns please let me know and I can use another blend.